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EVOC Stage Zaino 6l + Bladder 2l nero (2019)

ID: 469348
€ 125,-
IVA inclusa, consegna gratuita
EVOC Stage Zaino 6l + Bladder 2l nero
EVOC Stage Zaino 6l + Bladder 2l verde oliva
EVOC Stage Zaino 6l + Bladder 2l rosso
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Dettagli prodotto

Siamo spiacenti, ma al momento non è disponibile alcuna descrizione. Il testo è in elaborazione.

The EVOC STAGE 6l is a technical bike backpack with extensive equipment - the ideal choice for short enduro laps or manoeuvres in the park. The BRACE LINK allows freely movable straps to provide maximum freedom of movement on the bike.

Air Flow Contact System
The aim here is to transfer loads as neutrally as possible to the body's centre of gravity and at the same time to minimise the contact surfaces to the back. We solve this contradiction with a back section in which the ventilation components such as large ventilation channels and specially milled and perforated EVA pads are laid inwards behind a mesh fabric. This achieves a seat close to the back and at the same time optimises back ventilation.

Air Circulation
Air Circulation is used in all our backpacks, as it ensures optimal ventilation even during high exertion and sweating and simultaneously prevents the sensitive kidney area from cooling down. A continuous, free air circulation is ensured by the vertically guided air duct. Additional air can flow off via lateral recesses along the canal. In addition, the upholstery in the lateral back areas has been reduced to further optimize air flow.

Brace Link
The BRACE LINK impresses with its optimal adjustment of the backpack straps to the shoulder width of the athlete. Flexible alignment supports load distribution to the body's center of gravity while minimizing back and shoulder contact. The BRACE LINK also makes it possible to wear a neck brace.

This three-dimensional structured fabric with different thread thicknesses (P75D*30D) offers optimal ventilation and padding properties for back sections and shoulder straps.

Air Mesh is equipped with pore-like penetrations that allow optimum air circulation. However, the fine structure prevents the absorption of moisture. This feature makes it the perfect upper material for the backs of Evoc's backpacks.

The requirements for the perfect outer material for backpacks can be summarised in four properties: durable, abrasion-resistant, water-repellent and lightweight. This is exactly what Nylon 210/D Ripstop offers. A quadruple PU coating of the lightweight nylon base material provides moisture protection and abrasion resistance. A microfibre fabric divides the base material into square segments to prevent the expansion of cracks - hence the name Ripstop.

A very robust fabric for areas subject to high wear. In addition, it is tearproof and light and absorbs almost no moisture. In combination with these properties it is the optimal material for highly stressed bags or the bottoms of bags and backpacks


  • Signal whistle
  • Optimal adjustment of the shoulder straps thanks to BRACE LINK
  • Maximum back ventilation thanks to AIR FLOW CONTACT SYSTEM
  • XC / DH helmet holder
  • Clip for rear light
Zaino con sistema d'idratazione  
Volume complessivo: 6 l
Dimensioni (Lung. x prof. x alt.): 23 x 44 x 6 cm
640  g
Scomparti/tasche: Tasca per gli attrezzi con accesso rapido (separato), Scomparto per cellulare, Scomparto per occhiali
Sistema d'idratazione: Hydration Bladder 2L
Sistema di chiusura: Brace Link
Sistem per schienale: senza protettore posteriore
Sistema d'idratazione
Sacca d'idratazione: senza  
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